We understand the retail sector and Business Park security needs to create a friendly, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for large numbers of visitors each day, whilst effectively securing the safety of people and property.

To ensure this AEJ Management have also developed a number of policies and training courses to maximise safety and security. With our dedicated CCTV monitoring system in Glasgow we can remotely view any park we manage throughout the United Kingdom, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency for our clients.

AEJ employ staff based at the Monitoring Centre working exclusively on AEJ contracts. By utilising remote monitoring services, landlords and agents have the potential to reduce costs without compromising security of the scheme.

Manned Guarding
When remote monitoring is not suitable to a scheme, AEJ can provide a manned security presence by deploying highly trained and professional security officers. AEJ have worked closely with landlords and agents to develop a security ethos closely aligned with a retail environment. All security personnel are direct employees of AEJ and understand the need to combine safety and security of schemes coupled with a high degree of customer service focus and approachability.