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  1. AEJ Support AquAid and The Africa Trust

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    For a number of months now, AEJ Management have been using water coolers in our Chelmsford office in association with AquAid Africa. Founded by AquAid in 2010, the mission of The Africa Trust is to bring sustainable solutions to poverty in Africa. With every water cooler and bottle of water obtained from AquAid, a donation is made to The Africa Trust and these funds are used directly to build fresh drinking water wells in parts of Africa where it is needed the most, such as villages and schools. By literally using the waters coolers this has saved the lives of many children in Africa.

    At AEJ Management we take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously, and we are proud of our association with AquAid and will continue to support their efforts to reduce poverty in Africa by using their water coolers across our network of UK offices.

    For further information on AquAid and to obtain your own water cooler to support their efforts, visit their website at www.aquaidwatercoolers.co.uk