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  1. Cleaning Sector in UKs Top 10 Industries

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    A recent report published by The British Cleaning Council indicates that the cleaning, hygiene and waste sector is one of the top ten industries in the UK. There are almost 1.5million people working in the sector and accounting for about 5 percent of the UK’s workforce, this easily places the sector in the top ten industries for employment.

    Since the outbreak of Covid-19 last year, the cleaning and hygiene sector has come under scrutiny like never before. The need to provide Covid secure workspace, the mitigation of risk for key workers along with understanding the requirements of staff both office and remote based, has become a critical requirement for the industry to have to deal with. The supply of PPE has been another logistical challenge. The vital work the sector has undertaken over the last 12 months has seen the sector receive praise from top figures across business and government.

    Statistics from February 2020 to February 2021 illustrate how the pandemic has impacted on industry –

    • The monthly GDP of services to buildings and landscape activities was 13 per cent below the February 2020 level.
    • Waste collection treatment and disposal activities grew at 3.4 per cent over the same time period.
    • Manufacture of soap and detergent, cleaning and polishing perfumes and toilet preparations grew by 1.2 per cent during that period.

    The general public have also placed greater importance than usual on cleaning in public spaces as the report illustrates –

    • 61 per cent of people who responded said that seeing cleaning and hygiene operatives in public spaces makes them feel that safety measures are being taken seriously.
    • 45 per cent agreed that the visibility of cleaning in progress would encourage them to return to an office space, shopping centre or airport.

    Paul Thrupp, Chair of The British Cleaning Council (BCC) remarked ‘Increased awareness of the importance of cleaning and hygiene means our industry will continue to play a vital role as the UK recovers from the pandemic and into the future. I believe the outlook going forward is very positive’.

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  2. Is The Office Now Unnecessary?

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    Recent research from the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) has shown that 63% of UK employees, in a recent poll, believe the office to now be unnecessary since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic forced the vast majority of the UK workplace to be home based.

    The IWFM is calling on employers to offer a form of hybrid work space for all, with the flexibility to work both from home, the office or multiple locations and if not to potentially risk losing, particularly younger employees to competitors that offer such flexibility.

    Demand for hybrid working would appear to be particularly important for the younger demographic in a poll which surveyed around 2,000 office workers, with two thirds of 18-24 year olds intimating that not being offered flexible working options could make them look elsewhere for a new role.

    ‘The Truth Is, Home Versus Office Working Should Not Be Viewed As A Binary Choice Between Focus And Connection’ – Chris Moriarty, Director of Insight, IWFM

    It will be interesting to see, going forward, the effect the Pandemic has on the office working environment. Already, we are seeing businesses adapting space within offices to incorporate social distancing across desks and allocating space within the building for employees to be able to use for reflective, personal usage.  Washrooms and kitchen areas are under greater scrutiny than before with hand sanitiser now a permanent fixture in both. Most certainly commercial office space and usage has had to adapt over the last 12 months and, going forward, may be used and viewed very differently to accommodate the needs of staff like previously never anticipated.