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  1. Is The Security Industry Ready to Adapt Post 21st June?

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    With further easing of lockdown restrictions anticipated, although not yet confirmed by the UK Government no earlier than 21st June, what impact is this going to have on the security industry? There is an anticipated lifting on current restrictions for large events and performances with the government hoping to be in a position to remove all current limits on social contact by this date. However, with the emergence of the new Delta Variant this ensures a nervy time for all in the run up to this date, with an industry sector worth over £40billion desperate to get back on its feet again after a year like no other. With most events requiring some form of professional security services, we look at what role the security industry will play in the easing of restrictions for the events and hospitality sector.

    Security teams will have to be fully briefed on all entrance and exit routes of venues with risk assessments taking on a look like never before. Security guards at events such as a concert or a festival may also need an SIA licence. A door supervisor licence will be required if all of the following statements are accurate:

    • You provide a physical presence to guard against damage, theft, unauthorised access or disorderly behaviour
    • The work is in relation to licensed premises
    • You work when the premises are open to the public, at times when alcohol is being supplied for consumption, or regulated entertainment is being provided on the premises

    Firms providing security services will have to invest in training of their staff to combat all eventualities. Reporting of incidents in real time along with the latest technology to ensure mask wearing compliance looks like being a mainstay for the remainder of the year at any such event where there are large gatherings.

    At AEJ Management, we are an SIA licenced organisation for the provision of security guards and have experience of event marshalling and event security. We utilise industry leading and innovative software solutions to report our activities in real time to our clients. Should you require security guards over the summer months and into the autumn/ winter at venues across the country, contact us for further information and advice.