The Pros and Cons of Working From Home

Following from the article asking the question, ‘Is The Office Now Unnecesary?’, a poll undertaken on our Linkedin page showed that 67% of you would prefer to work from home rather than a return to the office. It remains to be seen when and if we will return to the office full time again, as COVID restrictions may dictate that many of us will have to work from home for some, if not all, of the working week.

Recent research by Ezra has shown a number of positives in the home working approach with 44% of people surveyed experiencing greater productivity in the home environment and just 15% of those surveyed saying they get less done working remotely. Over 50% of those surveyed remarked they would be more likely to work additional hours with the home office setup.

Despite the positivity demonstrated from those surveyed about working from home, around 20% felt that recognition, even when putting in the extra hours, was no longer noticed. One thing is for sure and that is the office vs home work debate will continue to rumble on with changes in attitudes towards either environment being influenced by, as yet, unforeseen circumstances and events.

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